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Concrete Repair

As a concrete contractor serving clients in and around Houston for more than 20 years, we specialize in commercial concrete repair. Need solutions? We have them!

Rest assured, our concrete and asphalt repair services coversa wide variety of needs. We can help conceptualize the project, coordinate with operations managers and tenants, work with blue prints, and help ensure you are compliant with any codes.

Concrete Handicap Ramp Design Upgrade (ADA)

Handicap ramps are mandated by the Federal government. Providing handicap access to buildings or businesses on ramps, sidewalks and cross walks requires knowledge of ADA and TDLR codes. We can guide you through regulatory compliance for parking lots, sidewalks, ADA upgrades and handicapped ramp design services.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Installation Service

We specialize in concrete / cement sidewalk repair projects for property managers, owners and general contractors and can repair and install concrete sidewalks of any shape or size. Over the years, we have become one of the leading concrete sidewalk repair and installation companies in the Houston area.

From standard 4' sidewalks to custom sidewalk designs, we can handle any project. We also offer other alternatives such as exposed aggregate sidewalks, multi-grooved sidewalks, stamped and colored concrete, plus many other types of sidewalk installations. We are experts at managing debris to create a safe environment for pedestrians and customers near the job site.

Driveway Approach Repairs, Replacements, New Construction

We are masters at constructing or repairing a driveway approach. New construction of commercial and industrial driveways and concrete approach repairs and replacements are our specialty. From pulling right-of-way permits in Houston to overseeing the closure of the driveway, we work with property and operations managers to minimize inconvenience to customers and tenants.

We can provide all facets of concrete repairs, replacements and new construction. This includes driveways and approaches installed from blue prints or plans. We also handle concrete removal projects.

Concrete Grinding

A-1 Construction Services utilizes state of the art equipment such as scarifies and diamond grinders to help remove "trip and fall" hazards. We can address any concrete repair projects that require grinding. We have decades of experience in Houston addressing elevated concrete caused by tree root damage and repairing and executing grade transitions for ADA ramps and existing concrete sidewalks. Grinding can also achieve better drainage for flow lines, curbs and gutters.

Concrete Curb and Gutter

We specialize in all aspects of curb and gutter construction. From drainage to protecting landscapes from erosion, we can help you control water flow in your parking lot. Along with curbs and gutters we address tree wells, and storm drain.

Concrete Flow Lines

Concrete flow lines (swales) are one of the most important components of concrete in a parking lot. Flow lines direct water drainage to catch basins, drain boxes, and curb drains. These control measures are important to Houston businesses and can prevent costly damage and standing water erosion to asphalt or concrete in parking lots. All existing and new elevations are surveyed to ensure proper drainage. Demolition is completed and the flow line is installed or replaced with the grade and thickness required.

Concrete Slabs and Foundations

Concrete foundations (slabs) reinforce the structural integrity of a building. We pour foundations for longevity and to withstand sub-grade, weather and geological forces in the Houston area. We specialize in constructing loading dock slabs, concrete parking slabs, equipment slabs, and grade slabs. From the excavation of footings to the placement of steel re-bar and forms, we can install simple concrete additions or commercial building slabs for any project on your property.

Foundation Repair

Signs of settlement, movement or structural distress signal the need for concrete foundation repair. We are concrete specialists and you can trust us to evaluate and repair your foundation.

Piers and Grade Beam Foundation

The majority of drilled pier foundations are connected with grade beams (also known as ground beams). These beams are concrete at grade and constructed to bear the structure. The heavy column loads may bear directly on the piers.

Concrete Block Wall Trash Enclosures

Perhaps your trash enclosure block wall is damaged or your Houston area office park needs to add an additional trash enclosure or dumpster area to its facility. We can have many repairs completed in one day and new installations completed in minimal time. We can also handle the following related projects: metal gate fabrication, steel bollard installation to prevent future accidents as well as drainage installation to avoid water back up in your new enclosure. We can also install an 8" concrete trash truck slabs in front of the dumpster area to support weight from constant trash truck pick ups. These pads minimize future damage to the parking lot area around the trash bin.

Block Walls

We repair or install all types of blocks including:

  • Slump Stone
  • Split Face
  • Precision
  • Interlocking Blocks
  • Other varieties


Colored Concrete

We repair colored concrete and can install new colored concrete to meet your specification and offer major brand names in popular colors.

Patterned Concrete

Architectural concrete is placed, colored and imprinted (or stamped) to your specifications. Patterned concrete is used from theme parks to shopping centers and is popular for residential use, as well.

Saw Cutting

Our saw cutting services in Houston includes the following:

  • Flat Sawing
  • Decorative Sawing
  • Wall Sawing
  • Indoor Sawing
  • Core Drilling

Concrete Removal, Demolition, Breaking

Breaking, demolition, and moving are among our premiere services regardless of the size of your concrete removal project. Our equipment, resources and expertise are at your service including Bobcats, backhoes and breakers. We can also break and remove concrete, asphalt and brick plus grass and countless other materials from your Houston project site.

Concrete Grading and Paving

Our grading and paving crews can perform the needed grading, forming and concrete placement for the construction of parking lots, roadways and sidewalks.

Concrete Footings

Footings are poured on a property to evenly support loads of weight on areas of a structure. A footing prevents sinking by firmly supporting weight bearing beams. We have years of experience pouring, replacing and repairing footings.

Loading Docks, Equipment Pads

We can install new loading docks or repair old or damaged docks. Technical plans or prints are executed to include any special requirements. We can also add loading docks to the exteriors of existing buildings. Truck bumpers, bollards and parking lot striping related to the project are also available.

Dock Wells

We repair concrete dock wells that have experienced wear and tear, storm damage, and aging. Our professional service teams are ready to service your waterfront needs.

Tilt Walls

Tilt-up concrete construction is an efficient and cost effective way to proven method for building office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, distribution centers, call centers, manufacturing facilities and other commercial / industrial structures with speed, safety and construction cost benefits.


Concrete Tennis Courts

We offer full-service tennis court building expertise including permits, site prep, fill, wire mesh, concrete, tiles or paint, nets and posts. We can also landscape upon completion with grass, grass mat, trees, bushes and retention walls.

Brick / Concrete Pavers

Both brick and concrete pavers add a beautiful touch to any landscaping or outdoor projects.

Flagstone Installation

Durable flat stone or slab made of sedimentary limestone, bluestone or hard sandstone is generally irregularly shaped and yields a custom design for patios, driveways, paths, borders and more.

Concrete Fencing

Screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, and sound barriers require durability and cost efficiency. We can install decorative precast concrete fending and sound walls that look like stone, brick or wood but have no maintenance or replacement costs.

Light Standards

Light standards are designed to accommodate certain specific environmental, load and aesthetic requirements. These poles are a raised source of light on the edge of a road or walkway and are lit on schedule.


Contact A-1 Construction Services for all your Houston area concrete repair needs. We are here to serve you and complete your projects, large or small.