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ADA & Traffic Sign Installation, Houston

As part of our comprehensive construction services, A-1 Construction Services also offers ADA and traffic sign installation for Houston locations. By correctly implementing this signs, creating a safe area and providing easy access to crucial information can keep your customers satisfied and your business protected. Signage should be clean, prominently displayed, and constructed for long-term use, and A-1 Construction Services has the experience in creating every type of sign across Houston to ensure that this is the case.

Traffic Sign Installation

Ensuring durability and accuracy, A1SP offers any needed traffic signs for parking areas, roadways, and any other projects. There are many regulations that can affect the installation of a traffic sign, and we ensure that all of these are adhere to, to protect our clients from potential issues in the future. From state route markers to airport directions or arrows, we install engineer grade, reflective aluminum and prismatic traffic signs.

Signs available include:

  • Speed limit
  • Traffic direction
  • Highway/interstate markers
  • Turn lanes
  • U-turns
  • Stop and yield signs
  • Street names
  • Warning and hazard signs
  • Parking
  • Distance markers

ADA Sign Installation

Signage in the public areas of all buildings must be compliant with federal, state and local code requirements. Meeting the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulations is important to provide a safe environment for visitors and to avoid stringent penalties for failing to do so. Many rules must be observed, such as the use of certain symbols, messages, and graphic standards, and we are fully experienced in ensuring that your entire project meets ADA signage guidelines. We are also familiar with the signage needed to denote ADA compliant areas, such as wheelchair accessible ramps and handicap parking spaces.

Custom Signage

Professionally representing your business and providing clear signage to customers is important to make a positive impression. Wall signs, office signs, exteriors signs and building directory signs, are just a few examples of the custom signs that we can create for you. We ensure that colors, dimensions, and all other specifications are complete to your exact specifications. Contact us today to discuss the unique details of your project.