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Asphalt Contractors, Houston

When searching for asphalt contractors in Houston, A1 Construction Services stands above the rest. Installing new asphalt areas, such as roadways, parking areas, and pedestrian paths is an important aspect of many construction projects. You need to know that your project will be fulfilled to your exact specification in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. At A1SP, our paving contractors have over 20 years of experience in installing a range of asphalt designs throughout Houston. We emphasize a relationship with each client and complete satisfaction. Our professional team only uses the highest quality of materials and processes, ensuring durability and reliability in every project that we undertake.

Streets and Turn Lanes

Whether you’re extending a street into a developing area, building a new subdivision, or simply paving a new roadway, we know that durability is key. Asphalt is a common material for streets, and we are able to confidently widen existing streets, install new roadways and create any new type of asphalt driving lane needed. The addition of turn lanes is a frequent necessity as Houston and the surrounding areas continue to grow at break-neck speeds every year. Our asphalt contractors have installed a wide range of turn lanes and can get traffic moving again as quickly as possible.

Parking Lots

As high-use areas, parking lots are an important aspect of any business. For many companies, the parking area is an important opportunity to make a first impression on potential customers. Safety issues can also become a liability if damage to the pavement should pose a hazard to visitors. Installing new asphalt parking lots that are durable and high-quality will greatly reduce the need for asphalt pavement repairs in the future, and we understand that preparation and careful attention are needed at every step of the process.

Jogging Trails

Providing a safe area for joggers and runners to exercise is key when paving a trail in a park or other area. Our experience in installing asphalt in a range of terrains has given us insight into creating a surface that is as smooth as possible and will stand up to heavy foot traffic. We work diligently to maintain jogging trails that are in optimum condition, for maximum safety and aesthetics.