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Asphalt Restoration, Houston

Asphalt restoration in Houston that is quick, efficient, and within budget is a service that consistently sets A1 construction apart from our competitors. Asphalt is an extremely popular pavement material, but cracks, potholes, and other damage can quickly turn a driveway, parking lot, path, or sidewalk into a hazardous area. Restoring the structure and look or asphalt pavement can be essential in reducing the cost of replacements and presents other options for refreshing a problematic area. With over 20 years of experience in paving and restoring asphalt throughout the Houston area, the asphalt contractors of A1SP are ready to confidently advise you on the options regarding your asphalt area and efficiently complete any asphalt repairs needed.


When asphalt is removed or reprocessed, it can be recycled and useful materials can be extracted for use in future construction projects. Whether an area is being restored, resurfaced, or opened to obtain access to buried utilities, the removed asphalt pavement can be reclaimed, transported to a processing facility, and broken down to extract aggregates and other components. When completed properly, this can yield high quality materials that are then used to create new asphalt and other pavement. In addition to benefiting the environment by reducing the need to produce new asphalt materials, this process can also earn income for the property owner. The materials gathered from the old asphalt may even be used in the new construction project taking place. A1SP has successfully reclaimed asphalt from hundreds of removal projects across the Houston area, and we can safely and effectively recycle your old asphalt.


Recycling asphalt from resurfacing projects and other tasks can yield a wealth of materials for use in future pavement. Through a process known as milling, the top layer of asphalt is removed to restore the surface. This depth can be carefully controlled for even removal. The harvested asphalt is referred to as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), and can be used in place of virgin materials when producing new pavement. This process can save significant costs versus full reconstruction and in many situations traffic can continue on the milled surface.


An asphalt overlays is a second layer of pavement placed over an existing asphalt area. This process can give the area a new surface, refreshing its look and patching up any problem areas. However, this cannot be performed on sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots with severe cracking and sinking spots. If placed on areas that already have extensive damage, the overlay will simply follow the same cracks and holes soon after, and the whole area will need to be replaced. If properly installed, though, an overlay can extend the life of an asphalt area and significantly improve its look.