Asphalt Path Construction, Houston

From massive high-rises to college campuses, businesses, and even homes, nearly every construction project includes some type of footpath. These often overlooked elements are important for presenting a neat and professional appearance, as well as keeping visitors safe.

At A1 Construction Services, we have created, patched, replaced, and repaired asphalt paths across Houston at a wide variety of sites and locations. From just a small path leading to a parking area to winding jogging trails, correct installation is the key to preventing costly repairs or even a danger to pedestrians in the future.

Asphalt footpaths can include:

  • Jogging trails
  • Sidewalks
  • Bike paths
  • Foot traffic paths

Depending on the base of the path, areas like sidewalks may see structural damage and require repairs. When cracks or holes begin to form, it’s important to quickly address concerns. The longer that damage to the asphalt is left untreated the more likely it is that water and other materials can seep under the top layer of asphalt and cause even more damage that can drive up the cost of repairs.

Our years of experience in constructing asphalt projects across Houston has given us a wealth of knowledge regarding the best placement, thickness, and process to ensure a high quality path pavement project. To learn how we can create an enduring asphalt path for your project by contacting A1 Construction today!