ADA Compliant Construction Contractors

Handicap ramps are mandated by the Federal government and absolutely necessary for all sidewalks, crosswalks, and building entryways. Building these ramps is an extremely precise and exacting job, and requires a strict knowledge of all ADA and TDLR codes. Here at A-1 Construction Services, we are fully equipped and trained to build ADA Compliant Ramps to minimize the risk of rejected work, so that you know the job is getting done correctly the first time.

ADA Compliant Ramp Specifications

When constructing a concrete handicap ramp to ADA specifications, there are many legal minimums you must meet. For instance, each ramp must be a minimum of 36 inches wide, and have running slope of at least 1:48 with a maximum of 1:12. Additionally, it is advised that ramps be built with a 48”x48” minimum level landing at the top, and side flares with slopes of 1:10. Additionally, the cross slope of a ramp may not exceed 2% of the ramp slope. The cross slope of the ramp is perpendicular to the running slope. Unlike the running slope, which runs along the ramp, the cross slope is measured across the ramp.

The transitions on and off the curb ramp are the points where the gutter meets the bottom of the ramp and where the top of the ramp meets the sidewalk. These transition points are required to be flush and cannot have any abrupt level changes.

There is also a concrete ramps ADA requirement for truncated dome detectable warnings (the raised, bubble-shaped domes located in the bottom section of the ramp), and since the ramp is concrete, there is a tendency towards using a rubber stamp to create an impression of the domes in the cement. This is heavily advised against because as the stamp is lifted away from the concrete, air forces downward on top of the domes and may flatten the profile, reducing the dome height to lower than the ADA required 0.2”.

Houston Area ADA Ramp Construction Company

A1 Construction Services is dedicated to constructing ADA compliant ramps to public places. To ensure the job gets done right the first time, go with A1 Construction.