Concrete Parking Lot

Cleaning a Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete parking lots see heavy use on a daily basis, with exposure to rainwater, mud, dirt, oil, and countless other contaminants. To restore a parking lot to great condition, strip away markings, or to prepare concrete for repairs and other maintenance, there are a number of processes available for a thorough, deep cleaning.

Sand Blasting a Parking Lot

With the use of compressed air and sand, this abrasive cleaning method can strip away paint and rust without the use of harsh chemicals. In addition to quickly removing substances from the surface of concrete, this is a highly effective method for preparing a parking lot for fresh painting.

Cleaning a Concrete Lot with Shot Blasting

Through the use of small steel balls, concrete is crushed and cleaned in a process called shot blasting, which is usually performed through airblasting or wheelblasting. When used by experienced professionals, this is a great way to remove the surface of concrete. This can be used for cleaning or stripping paint from concrete, although this leaves the remaining surface with a slight texture.

Power Washing Concrete

High-pressure water  can be used to quickly and effectively clean a wide variety of surfaces, from plastic benches to metal signs. For concrete parking lots, this is a great method to quickly and safely clean away dirt and contaminants, no matter how thick the grime may be.

Although chemicals can be used to clean concrete, these can potentially harm the environment through runoff and are not always effective in removing all contaminants. Contacting experienced parking lot maintenance professionals is a great way to get paintpaintpersonalized advice on the best method to clean a specific parking lot or prepare for upcoming repairs.

Regularly cleaning a parking lot is essentially to take good care of the installed concrete. With proper care and maintenance, the life of a parking lot can be greatly extended. The number of cracks, potholes, and costly repairs needed to correct these issues can be reduced by simple preventative cleaning measures. In addition, using a method such as sand blasting before refreshing parking strips and other concrete markings can have a big impact on the life of the paint, saving money on the cost of refreshing these.