Concrete Construction Project

Cutting and Grinding Concrete

Once concrete is hardened, it is renowned for its strength and endurance. When properly maintained, a concrete installation can last for decades. However, many construction or remodeling projects require that concrete be leveled, cut, drilled, and removed for variety of reasons. Adding doorways to concrete walls, drilling openings for wiring, and repairing roadways are just some of the tasks that require concrete to be cut. To cut or grind concrete, construction experts often require special processes or tools.

Concrete Cutting Tasks include:

  • Flat sawing, also called slab sawing,
  • Diamond Sawing can cut through rebar and other metals, offering faster and more precise cutting.
  • Wall Sawing is performed with a track-mounted blade and can cut walls between 16 and 36 inches thick.
  • Core Drilling is used to create holes and openings for pipes, wire, vents, and other precise circles.
  • Wire sawing, used in situations where other solutions aren’t practical, this method is achieved with complex machinery using cables.

These tasks can be accomplished with a wide variety of tools, such as:

  • Hand-held saws with diamond blades or abrasive wheels
  • Electric saws
  • Hydraulic saws
  • Pneumatic saws
  • Gas-powered saws

With the correct tools and training, construction contractors and other professionals can tackle cutting and grinding tasks with ease. Combining these skills with expertly pouring, leveling, and repairing concrete is essential to great overall construction of concrete buildings, structures, roadways, and other projects.