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Concrete Tilt Walls, Houston

Concrete tilt walls have grown in popularity for construction throughout the Houston area, as they provide a low-cost, quick method for creating buildings. Also known as tilt-up construction is completed by pouring concrete into the shape of each wall at the construction site, creating concrete panels that are then raised and assembled into the building’s skeleton. These concrete tilt walls can also be assembled offsite and transported to the new construction for assembly. Both of these methods yield a quick turnaround time and a comparably low price tag for construction projects throughout Houston. Continue reading

Concrete Construction Project

Cutting and Grinding Concrete

Once concrete is hardened, it is renowned for its strength and endurance. When properly maintained, a concrete installation can last for decades. However, many construction or remodeling projects require that concrete be leveled, cut, drilled, and removed for variety of reasons. Adding doorways to concrete walls, drilling openings for wiring, and repairing roadways are just some of the tasks that require concrete to be cut. To cut or grind concrete, construction experts often require special processes or tools. Continue reading