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Carport & Awning Construction, Houston

From offices to warehouses, structural awnings are both functional and attractive as they enhance your exterior. They provide durability against the elements while complimenting the outdoor environment. At A-1 Construction Services, we provide both carport and awning construction in Houston for commercial and residential needs.

Structural Awnings

Available in limitless styles, awnings add aesthetic appeal to a building and protect customers from adverse weather. From canvas to metal, we can customize the perfect awning for you. You can even increase the value of your home or commercial property by adding a stylish awning to the exterior.


Select from many different carport structures to protect the vehicles of your family or your customers. We offer standalone steel options, attached concrete structures, and more carport construction choices to suit your exact needs. In addition to increasing property value, a high quality carport can also provide security lighting and other benefits to a home or business.


Ranging from concrete installations in parking garages to elegant wooden centerpieces, stairwells must be functional, safe, and well-designed. A1SP has experience in every aspect of creating stairs and their housing, including handrails, coverings, and construction. In addition, we can quickly repair or rebuild any damaged or outdated stairs. Maintaining safe steps, railing, and other aspects is important to prevent any injuries.