Concrete repair contractor Houston TX

Other Commercial Concrete Services

At A1SP, we provide complete commercial concrete services for every Houston project. Our concrete contractors are experienced in designing and installing everything from commercial concrete ramps to any walls, bases, or pathways that you may need.

Retaining Walls

Projects such as screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, and sound barriers require durability and cost efficiency. We can install a wide range of barriers, including decorative, precast concrete fencing that resembles stone, brick, or wood with minimal maintenance and replacement costs. Ranging from small flower beds to massive embankments, retaining walls border raised areas of earth. We can construct stabilized, fully customized retaining walls from concrete, colored or stamped to your specifications.

Brick and Block Walls

Brick and block options allow for an endless range of possibilities when constructing edges, walls, and other projects. Classic style while allowing drainage of rainwater, brick wall options are an excellent choice when constructing a barrier. With over 20 years of experience in constructing projects from bricks and blocks across Houston, A1SP can follow your exact specifications to build the exact structure that you need.

Light Pole Standards/Bases

Lights are an essential part of many construction projects, from parking areas to roadways or retail centers. Light standards are designed to accommodate specific environmental, load, and aesthetic requirements. A1SP offers a number of precast light pole bases in a range of sizes to meet any potential needs. With the highest quality of concrete projects, we guarantee consistency and durability in all of our light pole foundations.

Flagstone Installation

Flagstone provides a stylish and elegant option for paving a range of areas, such as walkways, paths, driveways, and patios. Select from a range of colors and styles, and trust A1SP to quickly and efficiently install your choices. Choose from flat stone or sedimentary limestone, bluestone, or hard sandstone in irregularly shaped pieces that create a unique piece every time. We’ve created a number of durable and beautiful flagstone installations throughout Houston, and we invite you to contact us regarding the options that are available.