full service job site contractor in Houston TX

Commercial Construction Management, Houston

Preparing a construction site, maintaining it, and using it effectively are all aspects of commercial construction management in Houston. You can protect your resources, ensure a better outcome, and avoid setbacks by placing your project in the hands of experienced professionals. With over 20 years of experience in all areas of commercial construction across Houston, A1SP can fulfill all of your construction site management needs.

Site Layout and Design

Due to our years in business, extensive experience and full suite of services, A-1 Construction Services has the ability to offer a higher level of performance in site layout and design and a more competitive bid process than many of our competitors. We have provided services for some of Houston's finest commercial buildings, shopping centers, schools, schools, banks, churches, municipalities, colleges and universities, warehouses and factories.

Dirt Work

Moving, leveling, and replacing dirt is a crucial part of many construction projects. Completing this step efficiently and to specifications can prevent problems from developing. Our earth moving crews work fast and accurately. All dirt moving projects are handled in the most environmentally responsible way possible, through sub-grade finished contouring.

Clearing & Grubbing

Before construction begins, or to ready a location for an expansion or renovation, it is often necessary to remove obstacle to the construction site. A-1 Construction Services provides all needed clearing services, including the removal and disposal of vegetation, as well as any debris such as fences, walls, chimneys, columns footings, foundation slabs, and junked vehicles. We dispose of any of these items in the most environmentally friendly ways, recycling when possible and with the least damage to surrounding areas.

Underground Utilities

We are able to install and repair a site’s underground utilities, including all storm drainage construction and underground drain needs. With our specialized equipment, plentiful resources and experienced staff, we can efficiently complete any of your utility construction needs.

Soil Stabilization

The broad field of soil stabilization encompasses many methods of improving the load bearing abilities of soils. This can create a more stable base on which to install buildings and other construction projects. Various chemicals and processes can be employed to complete this process, depending on the soil and the upcoming project. Our experience in many forms of soil stabilization across Houston have given us familiarity with the best methods to fit your specific project.

Erosion Control

At A1SP, we take the conservation of the environment seriously, and we use our extensive knowledge of erosion issues to prevent damage from stormwater runoff and other sources of damage. Every construction site is different, and we tailor our efforts to the job at hand, maximizing our impact as the project continues to completion.