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Commercial Drainage Construction, Houston

Providing adequate Houston commercial drainage construction solutions that are durable and long-lasting are crucial for both new construction and restorations is a key element in many construction projects. Stationary water can cause a number of hazards for both health and damage to property, so moving it along in an effective way is important for safety and maintenance. A-1 Construction Services has developed and installed drainage systems for a wide range of projects, from parking areas to commercial buildings throughout Houston, and we know how important is it to provide you with a top quality draining system that fits your schedule and budget.

Detention/Retention Ponds

Detention and retention ponds, also referred to as retention basins and stormwater management ponds are used to store rainwater. This can provide a number of benefits, such as enhancing the quality and quantity of water in a nearby river, lake, or other water source. They can also prevent flooding, erosion, and the spread of pollutants. No matter the size or specifications of your rainwater storage needs, A1SP can devise and install a solution that’s perfect for your project.

Storm Sewer Install/Repair

A storm sewer is generally used to drain excess rainwater from a paved area, such as a parking lot, roadway, sidewalk, or roof. This can prevent erosion of the pavement, health issues from standing water, and the spread of pollutant chemicals such as oil and gasoline. The specific needs of a system can vary greatly depending on the paved area, but A1SP has the experience needed to craft the perfect stormwater drain for your location. As a business with 20 years of experience in the Houston, we’re familiar with heavy rains and we can provide a durable solution to protect your property.

Catch Basins/Lift Stations

Catch basins and lift stations are a growing choice for rainwater management and drainage. With an affordable solution, rainwater can be collected in a catch basin for future use and can even be pumped to a higher elevation with a lift station. This can reduce the spread of pollutants from pavement and other areas as well as reducing energy wastes by recycling the collected water. In addition, you can reduce the erosion of pavement and concrete by catching water before it even reaches the pavement.

Trench Drains

Also referred to as slot drains, linear drains, or strip drains, trench drains are commonly installed around the perimeter of pools, spas, patios, tennis courts, athletic fields, and other commercial areas for hardscape runoff management. These are typically used for rapid evacuation of water from a surface, such as gathering any spills from a pool or protecting the surface of a tennis court from erosion.

Manholes/Storm Troopers

Impervious areas such as roof tops, parking lots, streets, airport runways, taxiways, vehicle maintenance yards, wash down area and yard areas are subject to stormwater runoff, which we can protect through interceptors such as manholes and storm troopers. These options for rainwater management and drainage are simple for our drainage contractors to install and can greatly reduce the damage caused by standing water.

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