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Commercial Utility Contractors, Houston

As experienced commercial utility contractors in Houston, we understand the long-term effects of ensuring that every task is completed correctly. From water lines to electrical banks, these resources can be the lifelines of entire buildings or communities. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to install and repair these utilities efficiently and reliably.

Water Line Install/Repair

From bustling restaurants to homes and subdivisions, A-1 Construction Services is experienced in planning, installing, and even repairing both commercial and residential water lines. Creating durable, high quality water lines will ensure long-term stability and prevent future leaks and issues from developing. We use our decades of experience to install the highest quality of utility lines.

Underground Electrical Duct Banks

We install underground duct bank systems for a wide range of clients, including university campuses, banking centers, and a variety of businesses. These groupings of conduits are generally encased in concrete to facilitate primary systems to secondary service entrances, fiber, phone, fire alarms, etc.

While many contractors perform public utility work, what sets apart A1 Construction Services is the size, scope, and scale of our projects. We often perform under tight schedules and deadlines. We are experienced in working throughout the densely populated environments of Houston and the challenges associated with these locations. Some of these projects require extensive excavation depths or special circumstances, but we are ready to take on any electrical duct bank project, no matter how large or small.

Gas Lines

A1SP understands the need for thorough care and attention to detail when installing or repairing pipelines for natural gas and oil. Our varied experiences and professional contractors allow us to complete your commercial utility construction project to exact specifications on-time and on-budget. We focus on providing gas lines that are safe, durable, and able to withstand high levels of pressure. We strictly enforce stringent safety standards for our workers and construction, guaranteeing a safe working environment and result.

Subdivision Utility Infrastructure

We have over 20 years of experience in underground commercial utility construction throughout Houston, with a proven performance and safety record. We are experts in directional boring with installation of natural gas, copper telephone and fiber optic cable, as well as larger diameter sewer and water systems bores. With experience in a wide range of scenarios, we can successfully design, install, and even repair subdivision infrastructures to your exact specifications, schedule, and budget.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are crucial to installing durable and long-lasting resources for residential and commercial buildings. We ensure that every box we install features the corrosion resistance and physical properties needed for direct burial applications, to protect the enclosed equipment.

Sanitary Sewers

Sewer service lines take wastewater to the main sewer line from a wide range of buildings, or entire subdivisions. Proper installation and high quality materials are important to ensure durability and avoid costly repairs later on. There are many specifications available that may suit your needs, and our experienced team can advise you on the best choice for your location. Our crew also provides repairs on a wide range of systems, including working on emergency water breaks and sewer stoppages. We schedule the repair or replacement of water distribution and collection system (I&I) deficiencies, along with any other services you may require. From luxury apartments throughout Houston to shopping centers, we can tailor the commercial utility system to your exact needs.

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