Concrete repair contractor Houston TX

Concrete Repair Contractors in Houston

Our concrete contractors are experts in providing quick and seamless concrete repair in Houston no matter the extent of the damage. Whether the concrete is cracking or corroding entirely, Texas Ace’s commercial concrete contractors in Houston are skilled in repairing various extents of concrete damage. We hold a record of completing vast projects thoroughly and efficiently within little time. We aim to keep Texas roads, driveways, parking spaces, sidewalks, and other concrete structures safe for use. We have the equipment needed to handle various concrete maintenance and repair projects but even more so, we’re fanatics about ensuring that our projects are completed with safety in mind.

Concrete Saw Cutting in Houston

Concrete saw cutting requires careful attention to detail. In order to give your concrete the straight-edge finish it needs, you need machine operators who can operate with precision. With commercial concrete saw cutting, you give your concrete a fresh look. We offer various forms of concrete saw cutting in Houston and the areas surrounding, all provided by the best concrete contractors in Houston. A few of our services include:

  • Flat Sawing​: Most useful for cutting horizontal surfaces such as floors, pavement, and bridge decks. Uses water to minimize mess.
  • Decorative Sewing​: Perfect for stamping concrete with desired designs, from logos to patterns.
  • Wall Sawing​: A process used to cut through concrete walls, typically to make room for doors or windows.
  • Indoor Sawing​: Used to cut concrete within buildings. Different equipment is used to minimize dust indoors without the use of water.
  • Core Drilling​: Used to make cylinder holes in concrete surfaces, whether walls or the flooring.

No matter the extent of the concrete saw cutting project at hand, we are known to tackle every inch with precision and accuracy. We’ll have your concrete looking sharp and well-maintained in no time.

Concrete Grinding in Houston

It can be hard to work around the bumps and adhesive objects on concrete in some projects. Our concrete grinding service in Houston eliminates bumps, protruding objects, and can create skid resistance in a noise reduced, safety-enhancing process. We’ll provide you a smooth concrete surface ready to be used for the continuation of your designated concrete project. Our team is skilled in operating our high grade concrete grinding machines and always delivers quality work within the timeline given. With our strong commitment to excellence, we’ll be sure to provide you with the high quality concrete finish you need.

Mudjacking in Houston

Sunken concrete can subtract from the aesthetic appeal of any given place. Whether the cause is natural or unnatural, sunken concrete doesn’t always have to be replaced entirely to be fixed. Mudjacking is proven to be the best method to level sunken concrete without embarking on an entire concrete replacement project. Through our mudjacking (also popularly known as Slab jacking) service in Houston, you’re able to save both time and money to have your concrete fixed and leveled again. In the mudjacking process, we lift the sunken concrete by pumping a mixture (called“Slurry”) through the sunken concrete, lifting up the structure and making it level again. Our expert Houston concrete contractors are able to get mudjacking projects done within just a few hours and with minimal mess ensued to get your business back on track in no time.

Concrete Repair & Maintenance Services in Houston

When you choose A1 Construction as your go-to concrete repair service, you choose concrete contractors in Houston dedicated to seeing the thorough completion of your project. We hold a reputation for fast and reliable concrete repair & maintenance projects in Houston and surrounding areas. When we work on your project, whether it be a concrete slab replacement, concrete mudjacking, flat sawing, or like services combined, we ensure that our projects are completed within the designated time and budget set by our customers with no exception to sacrificing quality and accuracy. Not only do we offer the high grade equipment needed to get the job done right, we offer a team of highly trained concrete contractors and machine operators with a commitment to providing unparalleled high quality service. We stand by a commitment to excellence with a goal to ensure those we service have the concrete maintenance and repair they need to continue their projects. Contact us today for your concrete repair and maintenance needs.