Concrete repair contractor Houston TX

Parking Lot Restoration, Houston

As areas of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, businesses frequently require parking lot restoration in Houston. As oil and water collect on the asphalt or concrete, erosion gradually occurs and can lead to cracks, potholes, and other damage. We are able to efficiently repair asphalt parking lots, but there are steps that can be taken to clean and protect a parking lot from damage before it occurs.

Sand Blasting

Using compressed air to blast a surface with abrasive sand is an effective method for preparing a surface such as pavement for cleaning, repair, or striping. This method avoids harsh chemicals, can be used to remove paint or rust from walls, and provides a better grip for newly applied paint. With many applications and a quick completion time, sandblasting is an increasingly popular choice for maintaining parking lots and other areas.

Shot Blasting

Shotblasting is a method to clean, polish, or strengthen metal throughout a wide number of industries. Everything from automotive work to construction can benefit from the effects of shotblasting, which is typically performed through either wheelblasting or airblasting. A1SP is experienced in using both methods in many situations, and we can safe and effectively employ these techniques to restore your parking lot.

Power Washing

Powerful, pressurized water streams clean surfaces and remove mold, grime, dust and residue in a process called power washing. It’s a simple task to refresh everything from buildings to signs in a quick and efficient process. Our team of professionals can safely complete any powerwashing project to restore surfaces such as wood, vinyl, and asphalt, giving your home and business a fresh appeal.


Thorough, clean, and effective caulking is crucial for sealing cracks, preparing expansion joints, and waterproofing asphalt and concrete. You can extend the life of pavement and other materials, saving money on repairs and replacement, by installing high quality caulking. A1SP can quickly complete this step while ensuring an attention to detail.