Parking lot marking contractor Houston

Pavement Marking Houston

In addition to constructing durable asphalt pavement and concrete construction projects, A-1 Construction Services also offers a comprehensive range of pavement marking in Houston, to fulfill every detail of your construction needs.

Parking Lot/Garage Restriping

Lane guides, parking spaces, and other stripes are an essential part of any parking lot or garage. Over time these markings will fade, and restoring them is crucial to maintaining a safe and appealing parking area. Precision is key when restriping, and A1SP has decades of experience in accurately restoring the many guidelines featured in various parking lots. From standard parking spaces to ADA compliant handicap spaces and directional guidelines, we are an experienced pavement company that's ready to restripe any parking area quickly and correctly the first time.

Parking Lot/Garage New Layout & Striping

A parking lot or garage is a crucial area for every business. If your lot is poorly planned or inefficient, customers may be frustrated before even entering your building, or they may leave altogether. There are also a number of safety issues to consider and federal guidelines that must be followed. We know how to thoroughly plan every detail of a parking structure to maximize space and keep your customers safe and moving along. In addition to parking spaces, we can create or restore curb striping, no park zones, and any other needed markings.

Handicap and Other Related ADA Items

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are a number of guidelines surrounding parking areas and structures. All buildings must be accessible to customers with disabilities, including allowing adequate parking spacing for those who must use a wheelchair ramp. Adhering to these rules not only provides access to all potential customers, you can also face steep fines for failing to do so. We offer all related ADA compliance services, including crosshatching, ramp staining, and all needed stencilling.

Fire Lanes

In the event of a fire or other emergency, responders must be able to quickly gain access the building. Clearly marking fire lanes is crucial to prevent customers from parking in designated emergency zones and grant ambulances and other personnel the needed space to react appropriately to an emergency situation. There may also be city and state ordinances that outline mandatory spacing for these zones, and we can ensure that every detail of pavement planning for safety is thoroughly addressed, protecting your business from expensive fines.

Road Ways

As thousands of tires travel over the same stretch of road every day, the markings will gradually start to fade. When lane divisions become less visible, safety becomes an issue and accidents can occur. Accurately and quickly restoring these pavement markings is important to prevent unnecessary damage, and A1SP can efficiently handle any roadway markings, from massive highway projects to gated communities.


There are many areas of airports that must be precisely marked in order to keep passengers safe and flights moving smoothly. Quickly restoring these asphalt markings can minimize any interruptions in business, and a high quality job ensure durability that will reduce the need for repairs.

  • Runway painting
  • Taxiway painting
  • Ramps
  • Aprons
  • Gates
  • Thresholds
  • Temporary markings

Directional Striping for Traffic Flow

Keeping traffic moving smoothly is the backbone of an efficient parking area or roadway.We are ready to refresh your current markings or install new directional striping to any parking area, ensuring precision and accuracy.