Concrete repair contractor Houston TX

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Houston

Largely attributed to being in the concrete contracting business for over 20 years, our contractors are highly skilled in tackling any concrete fix needed. Over the course of these two decades we have repaired various sidewalks all over the Houston area, surpassing expectations both in how fast the repair is done as well as how perfected the repair is. We guarantee that your sidewalk will look better than it did even before it was damaged. If you desire a sidewalk repair service in the Houston area that delivers excellent repair within a short time frame and at an affordable rate, A1 Construction is your reliable construction service.

Sidewalk Problems & Repair Solutions

A1 Construction contractors have acquired years of experience repairing sidewalks in the Houston area with various issues. Whether the sidewalk is unleveled or consisting of multiple cracks, it’s important to ensure the safety of the pedestrians walking on these pedways. Our sidewalk services include the following repair services:

  • Sidewalk Building
  • Sidewalk Surfacing
  • Sidewalk Crack Patching
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Sidewalk Leveling
  • Sidewalk Raising/Lowering

Our end goal in all of our sidewalk repairs is to ensure the optimal safety of passing pedestrians and we make sure that the quality of our jobs reflect this by paying attention to detail in our repair services and checking the results for quality, effective, lasting results. Our goal is to ensure that the pathways that lead to your business invites more business- not lawsuits waiting to be enacted.

The Best Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Houston

We are proud to have served Houston and surrounding areas with our concrete sidewalk repair service and are proud to ensure the safety of Houston pedestrians through our quality service for years to come. We are proud to offer the best expert trained, and skilled concrete contractors in Houston that provide reliable and dependable results. Contact us for more information on our sidewalk repair service in Houston today.