Concrete repair contractor Houston TX

Specialty Concrete, Houston

In addition to years of experience with standard concrete construction, we are also well versed in the use of specialty concrete throughout Houston. No matter your specific needs, the professional contractors of A1SP can quickly create the exact concrete project that you need.

Stained Concrete and Colored Concrete

An endless range of possibilities are available with stained and colored concrete projects. Custom designs can be created in walking spaces, parking lots, roads, and any concrete area to meet your exact specifications.

Patterned Concrete

Concrete featuring a pattern, also known as textured, imprinted, or stamped concrete can easily replace more expensive materials and can be fully customized for any needs. For example, create the look of wood, flagstone, brick, or tile with decorative concrete through stamping processes and coloring. Commercial and residential areas alike can create an eye-catching area with concrete that is patterned, colored, or both.

Examples of uses for colored and patterned concrete include:

  • Walkways
  • Pool Decks
  • Entries
  • Courtyards
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Parking areas

Concrete Overlay

Concrete overlay services allow you to quickly fix imperfections, create a more interesting area, or install a useful surface. With fully customizable options, specialty concrete contractors can create an endless number of possibilities. From basement floors to basketball courts, concrete overlays can be the solution to many projects and issues.

Brick / Concrete Pavers

Among the many available options, we are able to create custom walkways and other areas with bricks or concrete pavers. Install a classic brick areas or create a unique design with concrete pavers that are less expensive and offer more possibilities than traditional bricks. We have experience in a wide range of pavement projects using all types of materials, so contact A1SP today to discuss the details of your upcoming construction.

Pervious Concrete

Among the advances in construction technology, pervious concrete is an exciting option that allows water to easily pass through. As rain and irrigation water pass quickly along, runoff is significantly reduced and the concrete is less likely to erode from standing water. Although this type of specialized concrete is not recommended for high volume roadways, it’s becoming a popular choice for many pedestrian walkways and vehicular areas. Installing pervious concrete requires experience in the field, as the water which passes through the concrete must be adequately directed and handled. With years of experience, we have successfully installed pervious concrete in a number of areas. Or concrete contractors can explain more of the benefits of pervious concrete and discuss whether this alternative may fit the needs of your projects.