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Traffic Control Construction, Houston

Promoting safety and alerting drivers to certain hazards are just some of the benefits of reliable traffic control construction in Houston. We can easily install a number of options that are durable and can greatly increase the safety of a parking lot, roadway, or other path.

Jiggle Bars

These raised squares or tiles create a rumble effect, alerting drivers to slow down though vibrations and sound while allowing them to remain safely in the appropriate lane. These can be especially effective in areas with high speeds, such as highways and interstates.

Plastic Speed Bumps

Durable, plastic speed bumps can protect both people and property by preventing accidents and controlling speeds within parking lots and roadways. Many models can be removed for maintenance or moving, while still standing up to heavy traffic from even the largest vehicles. We can also install asphalt speed bumps, as an alternate material.

Thermoplastic Application

Thermoplastic pavement marking options provide a cost-effective system that can offer increased visibility in adverse weather or nighttime, as well as high durability. Environmentally safe and formulated to dry quickly, there are several options to best fit your traffic control needs. Our professional team can discuss the benefits of our available choices and help you decide which may best fit your needs.

Ceramic Traffic Buttons

These installations are round, dome markers that are excellent in resistance to shock, abrasion, temperature fluctuation, and chemical harm. With a number of available options, including non-reflective and retro-reflective varieties, these can be permanently installed in parking lots, roadways, and other paved surfaces to mark lanes, notate hazards, and signify other issues on the road. In addition to high visibility, ceramic traffic buttons can increase safety by providing a rumble warning to drivers without affecting steering.

Plastic Traffic Buttons

Typically constructed from materials such as polypropylene, plastic traffic buttons help make parking lots and roadways safer by alerting drivers to lanes guidelines and potential hazards. Available in various colors, these are a cost effective and durable option for a number of projects.